Archive | August 1, 2009

Boys Who Bat

1 Aug

joey-danny-baseball198jd080109Of all the skills these two boys have picked up this summer on their baseball teams, batting comes out on top. They both knew virtually nothing about America’s favorite pastime at their first practices and now, they can throw the ball, catch the ball, field the ball and kill. the. ball. with their beautiful and powerful swings. Danny (my Cubs guy) did it the other night during his second-to-last game of the season — it would have been a home run had his first base coach told him to run right away, instead it was a triple — and Joey (Braves) smacks the ball every time he steps up to the plate. He cracked it six times at his last game — and I mean crack. Love that sound.

Baseball is over for Danny this year, and his trophy sits proudly on a shelf in his bedroom. Joey has one more game left, and we can’t wait to see what the guy has left in him. A homer, maybe? Could be in the cards.