Give a Boy a Fish

16 Aug

We took our last big summer trip this weekend, to Joey’s birthplace — Daytona Beach. And while we stayed in this really nice condo right on the beach, we didn’t really spend much time on the sand or in the water. There was an hour or spent in the waves on Friday and two nighttime visits to the dark ocean, but mostly the boys wanted to fish. So we drove five miles away and spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the river, where Joey and Danny were content, and happy — and way productive. Joey’s favorite cast net delivered them trout, flounder and shrimp. And the shrimp on a hook scored them mullet and catfish (see above). They were in heaven. So were we. And if time permits and tropical storms stay away, my three guys will squeeze in one more fishing trip (this time on an uncle’s new boat) before school starts and vacation ends. I’ll hold down the home fort for this trip — I mean, fishing is great and all, but peace and quiet is quite a catch too.

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