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Birthday Boy Takes on 8

30 May

Today, Danny is 8, and in honor of his birthday, I asked him a few questions, to which he responded while slouching on the couch watching a marathon River Monsters and gaming with a handheld something or other. Deep meaningful answers, I did not get. But that’s to be expected, I suppose. He’s 8.

How does it feel to be 8?

Uhhh, feels different. That’s all I have.

What do you hope to accomplish as an 8-year-old?

Go to a water park.

What do you think will be great about being 8?

That I can go on different rides because I’ll be taller.

And that’s all he spoke.

Sketching Boy

10 May

Danny, almost 8

Berry Boys

10 May

Today, we picked blueberries.

Tomorrow, and for many days thereafter, we will eat blueberries.

10 Tips to Become a Terrific Mom

5 May

Click on image!

Had I not just won this in a giveaway, I’d be buying it, because, well, it’s awesome, isn’t it? This print is going to be perfect for guiding me as I continue to try to be a good mom to my boys, and I’ll probably be framing and displaying it smack dab in my kitchen (or maybe another room, haven’t decided yet), so I can keep myself on track.

You like? Click on the image, and you’ll land on the etsy shop of Chrissie Grace, the wonder woman who made this, and you’ll also have the good fortune of seeing all her other inspirational work. The I Believe print is a favorite of mine, and I love, love, love the checkbook covers. You’ll see when you arrive just how rockin’ this place is, and I bet you’ll want to treat yourself (or a loved one) to something grand (yet totally reasonable in price). You can also try to win some goodies by connecting with Out of the Blue Delivered on Facebook — lots of giveaways there, (it’s where I won the print pictured above).

Writes Chrissie about herself:

I am a stay-at-home to four beautiful children. I am also an artist, author, and poet.

“in His grace” is full of whimsical art inspired by the word of God. 25% of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, a local foster and adoption agency.

You can read more about my everyday life and projects on my blog at: