Archive | October 1, 2011

Blue Crab Boy

1 Oct

Blue crab was the catch of the day, and the 10-year-old fisherboy was happy. What a relief. I thought he might be disappointed since he’s been catching whopper Reds the past few weeks, but the guy was OK with the 17 beauties he brought home. Might have had something to do with the new crab trap he took on the trip (even though he hooked most with his fishing pole) or the fact that a friend who shared the waters this afternoon donated all of his crabs to our family cooler.

It could have been the overall winning spirit that ended the day. Today was the Suwannee River Take a Kid Fishing Tournament, you see, and along with a bucket full of Blues, Joey scored a trophy, some McDonalds gift dollars (this alone is enough to perk the boy right up), an oyster knife, some artificial bait, bug spray, even a red Coleman cooler.

Mostly, it was probably just the fishing that did the trick — not the trap, the crabs, the goodies and the gear. He really only wants some water, a pole, and a day with Dad, all of which he got today. It’s what makes him truly happy. And yea, the big scores don’t hurt either.